‘Twas The Night of Santa’s Arrest

Twas the night before Christmas in the city of Salt Lake.

All was still, all was silent, not a soul was awake.

The lights shone bright, throughout Temple Square.

Soon, Old St. Nick would see all this flair.

The children tried dozing, all in one room.

A sleepover of siblings, the night won’t end soon.

And I in my PJs and Ma in her gown,

Snored so loud, people could hear throughout town.

When across the street arose a loud, blaring noise.

I sprang out of bed, ready to yell at my boys.

Light flashes had shone, first red and then blue.

The cops were outside, that I knew to be true.

I looked out the window, not prepared for the show —

Reindeer on the roof, and Santa cuffed down below.

He’ll need a good lawyer, that much I could posit.

I picked up my phone and called Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat.

The news spread through Salt Lake City, into Utah, and all states.

Santa Claus was arrested at the home of Ms. Bates.

She had awoken to get water that fateful Christmas night.

When she saw the big man in red, she fainted in fright.

St. Nicholas called for an ambulance to come,

Knowing he’d end up in jail. He was not at all dumb.

Criminal trespass was his charge, a class B Misdemeanor.

Six months in jail he could face, could justice be any meaner?

Prosecutors started to work — they couldn’t be hasty —

To show Santa was reckless of Ms. Bates’ fear for her safety.

Reckless means he knew of risks but did nothing to stop.

Luckily, he had lawyers who no one could top.

They talked with him about options, of what he could do.

A plea deal was possible but not the right avenue.

“We can beat this,” they said with utmost confidence.

“We just have to show it was criminal negligence.

This means he wasn’t aware of the risks of his trespass.

He should have, but didn’t, of that charge they could bypass.

When the judge asked the plea, “Not guilty,” was the reply.

They brought the case before a jury, whose decision would apply.

For days the lawyers argued ‘til the sun went down low

That ‘though he caused harm, of the risk he did not know.

After the jury spent hours in intense deliberation,

They reached the verdict “Not guilty,” bringing a moment of celebration.

Now the heroes of this story that we have just told

Are Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat, attorneys so brave and so bold.

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