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Conviction Integrity Unit Created in Utah County to investigate Wrongful Convictions

UTAH COUNTY, Utah — The Utah County Attorney’s office is starting a system to investigate convictions where someone might have been innocent.

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During Second Murder Trial, Jurors Find Utah Man Not Guilty of Killing his Wife

February 24th 2017Not guilty » Sentenced to prison in 2015, Truman had maintained that he didn’t kill his wife and won a new trial over evidential errors.

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New Jury Acquits Orem Man of Murdering his Wife

February 24th 2017PROVO — An Orem man once convicted of murdering his wife in 2012 was exonerated Friday by a new jury after the case went to trial for a second

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Conrad Truman acquitted in second murder trial

February 24, 2017 Hugs were exchanged and tears were shed on both sides as Conrad Truman, previously convicted of murder in the death of his wife, was found not

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Conrad Truman, Accused of Murdering his Wife in 2012, Acquitted in Second Trial

February 24th 2017PROVO, Utah -- A Utah County man has been found not-guilty of murdering his wife. Conrad Truman was originally convicted of first degree murde

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New Jury Acquits Conrad Truman of Murdering his Wife

February 24, 2017PROVO — An Orem man once convicted of murdering his wife in 2012 was exonerated Friday by a new jury after the case went to trial for a second

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FLDS Member Pleads Guilty, Gets Released From Jail

December 22, 2016News story by Fox 13 KSTU featuring attorney James Bradshaw about FLDS Church member accused of food stamp fraud in federal court being release

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Tuesday SNAP Fraud Hearing to Focus on Dismissal Motion

September 30th 2016The two-day hearing on the defense’s motion to dismiss the criminal conspiracy and money laundering charges will take place in Salt Lake City

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FLDS Member Insists Religious Beliefs are ‘Sincere’ in Food Stamp Fraud Case

September 20th 2016‍SALT LAKE CITY — A member of the Fundamentalist LDS Church accused of food stamp fraud is insisting he has “sincere religious beliefs” prote

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Man Accused of Killing Wife asks Utah Supreme Court to Review Judges Refusal to Lower Bail

September 14th 2016‍Attorneys for an Orem man, who will face trial for the second time in the 2012 shooting death of his wife, have asked the Utah Supreme Court

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New Trial set for Orem man Charged with Murdering Wife

August 15th 2016An Orem man found guilty in October 2014 of murdering his wife was in court Monday afternoon for the first hearing after his conviction was thro

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Man Convicted of Killing Wife Wants New Trial, Out of Prison

(KUTV) Conrad Truman, who was convicted of killing his wife Heidy in their Orem home in 2012, petitioned the judge for a new trial, saying the jury was given fa

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Attorneys for Man Convicted of Murdering his Wife Say New Evidence Shows Client’s iInocence

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Orem Man Wants New Trial, Citing Misconduct From Prosecutors, Investigators

PROVO — Attorneys for an Orem man serving up to life in prison for murdering his wife have called for a new trial, leveling serious allegations that investigato

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Claims Against Prosecution and Orem Police Filed by Attorneys for Man Convicted of Murder

Aug 26, 2015‍In today’s legal system, a motion for new trial is typical in a murder case. Now, nearly three years after an Orem woman’s murder, her imprisoned h

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Convicted Utah Killer Claims Police, Prosecutors Lied to Medical Examiner

irst Published Aug 26, 2015 • Last Updated Aug 23, 2016‍Nearly three years after an Orem woman's murder, a state medical examiner now says the 25-year-old's dea

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Respectfully, Judge, We Disagree

July/August 2013 In the May/June issue of the Utah Bar Journal, the Honorable Judge Paul C. Farr authored an article in the “Views from the Bench” section entit

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Two Women Say 'Counselor' Used Mormon Ties to Gain Trust Before Abusing Them

Aug. 8, 2012 SALT LAKE CITY — Arturo Tenorio was like a father to the two women he inappropriately touched while "counseling" them on their marriage problems, t

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