The Top 10 Reasons Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat is the Best Defense Team in Utah

If you have been charged with a crime, choosing a defense lawyer to represent you can feel overwhelming. How do you know who will have your best interest at heart? How do you figure out who will help you get the best outcome for your case? Let us make the decision easier for you.You can feel confident choosing Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat to defend your case in Utah for dozens of reasons, but we’ve narrowed it down to the Top 10. 

10. We have practiced (and succeeded) at every level in the court system, both state and federal.

Navigating the different court systems can be difficult and confusing without the guidance of an experienced defense lawyer. We’ve done it all and can help you through it.

9. We have litigated almost every type of criminal case.

Whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor drug charge or aggravated murder, we’ve been around the block a time or two. We know what we are doing and how to defend your case in Utah.

8. We truly care about our clients. 

We understand that a person is far more than the worst thing they have done or been accused of doing. In addition to fighting for your rights, we also care about defending your reputation.

7. Our colleagues regularly turn to us for advice on how to handle their own cases.

When other professionals look to you for help, you know you’re doing something right. We take pride in being known as a defense team that people can turn to for advice.

6. We are the walking, breathing Constitution. 

At the end of the day, defending any case requires a deep knowledge of the Constitution. We fight for those rights on a daily basis, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.  

5. We have influence in forming Utah law.

Whether through litigation in the appellate courts or at the table with legislators, we are always fighting for laws that ensure a better society for all.

4. Each one of our lawyers is a well-respected leader in the legal field.

Our defense team is strong and reliable because each person on the team puts in their best effort. We don’t sit on the sidelines. 

3. We are regularly present at training and continuing education legal seminars. 

The legal community recognizes the leadership and results of our defense team, and we are proud to help lead the state to ensure more fair judgment for those who are charged with crimes. 

2. Our product, research skills, and work ethic are undeniable.

Our clients always get our best effort. We are 100% committed to every case. We’re relentless with judges and research even the most obscure laws thoroughly to ensure the best results for you. 

And, the number one reason why Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat is the best in the state… 

1. We still use WordPerfect & we are wickedly funny. 

This one is a tie. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! And just because we are relentless in the courts doesn’t mean we can’t crack a joke. We’re confident you’ll feel at ease working with us. 

If you or a loved one needs the help of an experienced legal team, call Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat today at (801) 532-5297 for a free consultation. 

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