How to See What’s on Your Background Check in Utah

Whether you are applying for a job, a volunteer opportunity, a place to live, or even to adopt a child, you may be requested to share your criminal history. This can be scary if the crimes of your past no longer define who you are today. It’s natural to worry what might still be on your criminal history and how the person requesting it might interpret the information. Below are some questions you may have if you need to provide a criminal background check and what to do if you need help challenging the results or expunging your record.

What types of criminal background checks are there?

For background checks in Utah, there are two main entities that provide criminal background checks:

  1. Name and DOB records check through the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI)
  2. Fingerprint-based records check through the FBI

Can I see what’s on my criminal background check before someone requests it?

Yes. You can request a copy of your Utah criminal history and/or a copy of your fingerprint-based identity history from the FBI.

How to get your Utah Criminal History

You can request your Utah criminal history from the BCI in two ways.

  1. In person
  2. Through the mail

If you want to request your criminal history in person, the Utah BCI office is located in Salt Lake City:

3888 West 5400 South

Salt Lake City, Utah 84129

Phone: 801-965-4445

If you want to apply through the mail, you need to print and complete the form available on the BCI website and return it in the mail along with your fee.

How to get your FBI criminal history

This process is a little more involved because it requires you to submit a copy of your fingerprints. There are three options for requesting your FBI identity summary:

  1. Electronically
  2. Through the mail
  3. Via an FBI-approved channeler* (private businesses authorized to help with background checks)

*FBI-approved channelers may charge an additional fee and may have different processing times.

How much does it cost to request my background check?

If you apply for an identity check from the FBI, the cost is $18.

If you apply for a Utah criminal history check, the cost is $15.

Who can request my criminal background information?

Under Utah law, only certain businesses and organizations can request your criminal background check directly from the state or FBI databases. These entities are those that work with the following interests:

Important: While approved entities who work with the interests above can request your data directly, any other private entity has the option to ask you to request your own background check and share the results with them.

If I agree to a background check, what happens next?

Before your information is shared by Utah or the FBI, the organization requesting your information must get a signed waiver from you.

The waiver will include information about who will see the information and how that information will be used. Additionally, you have the right to view and challenge the results of your background check. But Utah law prohibits the organization making the request from giving you a copy. If you want a copy, you must go through the process to obtain your report yourself.

Can I change my criminal history report?

If you believe there are errors in your record, you can challenge the results or potentially go through the process of expunging your record. In either case, it will be beneficial to get the help of an experienced defense lawyer. The lawyers at Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat have decades of experience contesting inaccurate information and expunging records to help people clear up past crimes and live easier as free citizens.

If you have questions about your criminal history check or how to expunge your record, contact us at (801) 532-5297 to get started.

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