Criminal Defense for Tourists

The attorneys at Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat, LLP, are experienced in representing clients who live out of state and were arrested for a crime in Utah. If you live out of the state of Utah, defending yourself against a criminal accusation in Utah can seem overwhelming.

Call our attorneys to discuss the best way to fight the charges. In many cases, our attorneys can waive your appearance at many of your initial court dates so that you do not need to make any unnecessary trips back to Utah. In some cases, the entire case can be resolved without ever needing to return to court.

Arrest Warrants

We represent clients who have a felony or misdemeanor arrest warrant in Utah for an unresolved criminal accusation. In some cases, these warrants are quite old. Many of these warrants were issued after a failure to appear in court, bail jumping, or a violation of probation. We also represent clients awaiting extradition back to Utah from another state.

Crimes at the Airport

We also represent clients arrested at the Salt Lake City International Airport for a variety of crimes including carrying a concealed weapon or firearm, possession of marijuana or controlled substances, or disorderly intoxication.

College Students

Additionally, werepresent students at local colleges and universities in Salt Lake County including the University of Utah, Westminster College, Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), Stevens-Henager College, Neumont University, Ensign College, Eagle Gate College, and the Roseman University of Health Sciences.

Call (801) 532-5297 to speak to an attorney at Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat about the unique facts of your case so that we can begin your defense today.

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