Confidential Informant

Exchange for Leniency

What happens when a confidential informant agrees to cooperate with law enforcement officers in exchange for leniency in their own criminal case? For many drug crimes, an officer will use a confidential informant to set up a controlled buy in order to gain enough evidence to secure a search warrant or an arrest warrant.

When officers execute a search warrant or an arrest warrant, they are looking for evidence to bring additional charges. Your best defense for these types of drug crimes requires the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Attorneys for Confidential Informant Cases in Utah

If your case involves allegations made by a confidential informant (often called the "CI"), contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah, at Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat, LLP.

Our attorneys are experienced in filing and litigating motions to suppress evidence illegally seized under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Fighting these types of drug cases requires showing why the CI's testimony is unreliable. The attorney can attack the credibility of the CI during cross-examination by questioning the CI about any deal with the prosecutor or law enforcement officers for leniency, prior convictions, or drug addiction.

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