Marijuana Offenses: How Do I Fight Back?

While many of the states surrounding Utah have legalized or even decriminalized marijuana, Utah still prosecutes those who are caught with even small amounts of marijuana. 

If you have been arrested for any marijuana offense in Utah, minor or severe, you can reach out to the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Brown, Bradshaw, and Moffat in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we will fight to defend your rights.

Attorneys with Experience

Our lawyers have years of experience fighting charges for drug crimes at every stage. We know the best ways to defend your case.

Historically, Utah has had tough penalties for marijuana usage, possession, and purchase. This remains true today; however, changing attitudes within courtrooms has shown that presenting a solid defense can lead to leniency in sentencing. 

Additionally, if your property was seized, we have experience with Utah’s laws around getting the seized property back. Fighting aggressively against marijuana charges in Utah can lead to better results for your case.  

Preparing for Your Case

As one of Utah’s premier marijuana defense firms, we will help you understand every part of your case. If you want to do some of your own research on Utah’s drug laws, you can visit our marijuana offenses page to find more in-depth information about the following and more: 

Laws for Simple Possession of Marijuana in Utah

Sale of Marijuana in Utah

Cultivation of Marijuana in Utah

Marijuana Paraphernalia in Utah

Finding A Marijuana Crime Defense Lawyer in Utah

Whether you have been charged with possession, possession with intent to sell, cultivation, or delivery of marijuana, the attorneys at Brown, Bradshaw, and Moffat have handled every type of case in Utah. 

Give us a call at (801) 532-5297 so we can fight for your rights and get working on your case today.

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