Defending Against Money Laundering Charges in Utah

The crime of money laundering involves the act of transforming money made from illegal activities or corruption into assets that appear legitimate. Prosecutors have to prove that the money was actually obtained illegally or through corruption, which means there can be room for an experienced defense team to protect against weak and unwarranted accusations. 

In Utah, law enforcement officers who suspect someone of money laundering may try to seize cash or property. Not only can that be a burden financially, but it can also have detrimental social effects if the seizure happens with family members present. Assets can be seized even before a person has been found guilty, so it’s important to start fighting back with the help of an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

Money laundering can be prosecuted on a state or federal level. Federal money laundering crimes are investigated by the FBI or IRS. State-level money laundering crimes are investigated by local law enforcement or the Utah Office of the Attorney General

Experience You Can Trust Defending Your Money Laundering Charges

One of the main strategies used by prosecutors in money laundering cases is to call an expert witness to testify. This will be someone who has expertise in financial records and accounting and can follow a trail of money. By following the money, an expert witness will attempt to find evidence that shows money was obtained illegally and concealed or that the person charged engaged in tax evasion. The lawyers at Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat have been defending clients against money laundering charges for decades. We know the ins and outs of these laws, and we will fight back against expert witnesses with our own experts to defend your rights. 

Preparing For Your Case

You can rest assured we will investigate all the details of your case and fully prepare for your defense. If you want to do more research on Utah’s money laundering laws, crime classifications, and penalties, you can visit our money laundering page or the Utah criminal code for money laundering to find more information.

Finding A Defense Lawyer for Your Money Laundering Case In Utah

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor for a lesser money laundering crime or a felony for a more substantial crime, the lawyers at Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat will work with you to defend your case. We know the complex details of the legal system and how to push back against prosecutors with weak and circumstantial evidence. We will help you get the best outcome.

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