5 Quick Facts about the Utah Medical Cannabis Act

In Utah, the Medical Cannabis Act allows individuals to acquire, use, and sell cannabis legally for certain medical conditions. While it’s legal to use cannabis under this act, there are still plenty of details within the law that may affect those who have a legal right to use cannabis in the state.

1. Qualifying Conditions to Get a Medical Cannabis Card

There are more than a dozen conditions that may qualify someone for a medical cannabis card. Below are just a few. You can find the complete list on the Utah Code website.

Additionally, the Compassionate Use Board may approve other conditions on a case-by-case basis.

2. How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card

There are two types of medical cannabis cards in Utah: a medical cannabis patient card and a medical cannabis guardian card.

You can be eligible for a medical cannabis patient card if you meet the following criteria:

You can be eligible for a medical cannabis guardian card if you meet the following criteria:

A minor is eligible for a provisional patient card if

A minor is automatically issued a provisional patient card at the same time their parent or legal guardian gets a medical cannabis guardian card. Additionally, a cardholder may designate up to two individuals, or an individual and a facility, to serve as a designated caregiver for the cardholder.

3. Punishments for Sharing Your Medical Cannabis

The laws around sharing medical cannabis are pretty strict and specific. Medical cannabis cardholders can’t sell or give to another cardholder cannabis or a cannabis product in a medicinal dosage, a medical cannabis device, or even cannabis residue remaining from a medical cannabis device. (This law does not apply in certain circumstances involving designated caregivers.)

Illegally sharing your medical cannabis is a class B misdemeanor and comes with a potential $1,000 fine.

4. How to Get a Medical Cannabis Pharmacy License

If you want to take advantage of the distribution side of the Medical Cannabis Act, there are quite a few rules for getting a medical cannabis pharmacy license. Some of the rules are below. For the full details, visit the Utah Code website.

An applicant for a medical cannabis pharmacy license is eligible by completing the following:

Waivers may be available to reduce the proximity requirements.

5. Rules for Employment Drug Testing with a Medical Cannabis Card

Government employees in a state or political subdivision with a valid medical cannabis card are legally protected from being punished for failing a drug test due to marijuana or tetrahydrocannabinol. However, if there is evidence you were impaired on the job due to the use of medical cannabis, the protection doesn’t apply. This protection does not apply to individuals employed by a private employer.

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