4 Things to Know About Assault Crimes in Utah

Assault charges can carry serious penalties in the state of Utah. If you have been accused of or charged with assault, it’s important that you understand the laws as well as your defense options. Whether your charges are for a misdemeanor or felony, you want an experienced and knowledgeable Utah defense team working for you. The lawyers at Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat are here to help.

1. What defines assault in Utah?

The state of Utah splits assault into two main categories: assault and aggravated assault.


In Utah, the crime of assault is defined as

Aggravated Assault

In Utah, the crime of aggravated assault is when any of the offenses listed above are committed with

2. What are the criminal classifications associated with assault in Utah?


Assault is generally classified as a class B misdemeanor in Utah. However, the charges can be enhanced to a class A misdemeanor. Below are a few examples of class A misdemeanor assault crimes:

Aggravated Assault

Crimes of aggravated assault are generally charged as third-degree felonies. However, if the aggravated assault results in serious bodily injury, it could be charged as a second-degree felony.

3. What are the penalties for assault in Utah?

A judge will determine the exact penalty for any assault or aggravated assault crime based on the circumstances. Below are the maximum punishments associated with the classifications of crimes listed in the previous section.

4. How do I find an experienced lawyer to defend my assault case in Utah?

If you or a loved one has been charged with assault or aggravated assault, the expert lawyers at Brown, Bradshaw & Moffat can help you determine the best defense for your case. Our defense team has handled assault cases for decades, and we will fight to defend your rights.

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